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Il JugMilano presenta il meeting #54:

MongoDB and the JVM & Functional Programming in Java

che si terrà martedì 19 marzo 2013 presso Veespo - Via S. Maria alla Porta, 9 - 20123 - Milano


  • 18:30 Benvenuto: JUG news ed attività in corso
  • 18:40 MongoDB and the JVM (in inglese), a cura di Norberto Leite
  • 19:50 Functional Programming in Java: lambdas and beyond, a cura di Mario Fusco
  • 21:00 Chiusura lavori

Dettagli Organizzativi

Come Arrivare

Veespo si trova in via S. Maria alla Porta 9. Il mezzo pubblico più comodo è la metropolitana rossa scendendo alla fermata '''Cairoli'''.

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Abstract degli interventi

MongoDB and the JVM
This talk is about the fundamentals of the java driver and a couple of insights around what's coming for version 3.0.x. We will also talk about other languages that run on the JVM giving a couple of examples for Scala, Clojure. We will discuss a couple of snippets for ODM's like SpringData and Morphia.

A cura di Norberto Leite:
Norberto Leite is Senior Solutions Architect for EMEA at 10gen, helping MongoDB users overcome implementation and scale challenges, supporting clients with experienced insights over mongodb and NoSQL technologies. Prior to joining 10gen, Norberto worked as a Bigdata engineer at Telefonica Digital.

Functional Programming in Java: lambdas and beyond
Finally also Java, with its 8th major release, will have lambda expressions and then will allow to employ some functional techniques into its strongly object oriented paradigm. But why this decision has been taken, what will be its consequences, how will it change the way we write Java and, most important, how can we leverage it to develop more expressive, readable, reusable and effective software? After a quick introduction to the syntax of the new lambda expressions, the main purpose of this talk is to answer these questions, showing how functional programming can make us better Java developer and help to avoid or limit some bad habits inherited from our OOP backgroud, like the abuse of side effects, null references and exceptions in our code.

A cura di Mario Fusco:
Mario joined the Java developers community during his studies at university, and has been a Java enthusiast since. He has a more than decennial experience as Java developer having been involved in (and often leading) many enterprise level successful projects in several industries ranging from media companies to the financial sector. Among his interests there are also the functional programming and languages, mostly Scala, and the development of Domain Specific Languages. By leveraging these 2 passions he also created the open source library lambdaj with the purposes of providing an internal Java DSL for manipulating collections and allowing a bit of functional programming in Java.

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