JUG Milano Meeting #138

Giovedì 20 Ottobre 2022

JUG Milano @IBM TECH GYM DAY: your energy boost

L'incontro si è tenuto Giovedì 20 Ottobre 2022 presso IBM Studios Milano - evento gratuito previa registrazione OBBLIGATORIA (vedi dettagli) (mappa) in Piazza Gae Aulenti 10, Milano grazie alla co-organizzazione con IBM Studios Milano .

La registrazione dell'intervento è su https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mesaa7zSjqc.

La partecipazione è gratuita e libera, ma è OBBLIGATORIA la registrazione su: form di registrazione per partecipare a JUG Milano @IBM TECH GYM DAY: your energy boost

20 ottobre dalle 18.00 alle 21.00
presso: IBM Studios Milano, Piazza Gae Aulenti 10, Milano

Cloud pragmatism with Quarkus
Speakers: Mario Fusco and Matteo Mortari, Red Hat
As developers, we all want the same thing: getting things done! But, there are so many hurdles in our way that slow us down and make us feel slow. This time is over. Come to see how Quarkus gives you unmatched speed from development to deployment! From zero to Kubernetes in a matter of minutes! Hot reload in dev mode, dev services avoiding configuring anything, continuous testing, developer UI, Kubernetes deployment in one click, and plenty of other features designed to make the development experience just better. In this talk we will share our experience as a Quarkus user ourselves and as extension contributors. After this talk, you won’t see Java development the same way!

Deploying a Quarkus application in OpenShift
Speakers: Alessio Di Michelangeli, Giovanni Galatro,Victor Carrilho, Client Engineering IBM
In this track we will go through deploying a containerized application on OpenShift. You will understand the advantages of using orchestrators and how it's easy and fast to deploy, scale and manage cloud-native applications.

Abstract dell'intervento:
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A cura di Mario Fusco, Matteo Mortari, and others:
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