JUG Milano Meeting #141

Mercoledì 18 Gennaio 2023

Supercharge your Native Image applications

L'incontro si è tenuto Mercoledì 18 Gennaio 2023 presso eDreams Via Fara 26 20124 Milano - evento gratuito previa registrazione OBBLIGATORIA (vedi dettagli) (mappa) in Via Gustavo Fara, 26, 20124 Milano MI grazie alla co-organizzazione con eDreams e Red Hat .

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Abstract dell'intervento:
You’ve probably heard of GraalVM Native Image and how great it is for reducing startup time and memory consumption — but do you know how to use it to the fullest in practice? In this hands-on session we’ll look at how to develop and test Native Image applications, optimize their performance, work with metadata for popular libraries, monitor applications, and more!

A cura di Alina Yurenko:
Alina is a developer advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs, a research & development organization at Oracle. A big believer in open source and communities, helping JHipster, community organizer in the past. Love both programming & natural languages:)