JUG Meeting #64

Giovedì 06 Novembre 2014

Recipes to develop a reactive and cloud-ready application using Scala and Akka

L'incontro si è tenuto Giovedì 06 Novembre 2014 presso Veespo (mappa) in Via S. Maria alla Porta, 9 - Milano .

Abstract dell'intervento:
Non-functional requirements have become increasingly challenging during the last years. Nowadays we expect at least that every application provide fast response time and almost 100% uptime. Reactive Applications is a set of principles and architectural patterns allowing to build event-driven, scalable, resilient and responsive systems. One of the most interesting technologies to create Reactive Applications is the Typesafe stack and, in particular, the Akka toolkit. During this talk I will introduce it, showing how develop a reactive and cloud-ready Scala web application.

A cura di Roberto Bentivoglio:
Roberto graduated during 2009 at "Università degli studi di Milano" but he started to work with Java since 2005. He is studying, playing and experimenting with Scala since 2009 and he is using Scala for his everyday work since a couple of years. He spent four years in Switzerland where it worked, among others companies, for Credit Suisse Group. In the last months Roberto has helped to develop a web application following the Reactive Manifesto principles. He lives near Milano and he is employed as a Senior Scala Software Engineer at DATABIZ s.r.l.