JUG Meeting #70

Giovedì 18 Giugno 2015

Search with Solr. Simple, fast and big data

L'incontro si è tenuto Giovedì 18 Giugno 2015 presso Veespo (mappa) in Via S. Maria alla Porta, 9 - Milano .

Abstract dell'intervento:
Discover the open source search tool that have already convinced many companies, including big players in the web, and which is hosted by the Apache foundation, Solr. In the first part, Aurelien will be presenting Lucene and Solr, their components, their architecture, their features, and we'll also introduce Solrcloud, its big data scalability system (with a demo if time allows). In the second part, you'll discover the Solr ecosystem (at least parts of it); ManifoldCF which allows for connecting to data sources (with a live demo of content crawling and searching), Hadoop (because you always need big data technologies in a good presentation ;) ), and Banana for analytics. With this presentation, you'll have all you need to start big projects with big search in it.

A cura di Aurélien Mazoyer:
Aurélien is a cofounder of France Labs. He is an expert on Apache Lucene, Solr and ManifoldCF. He is responsible for the trainings on these technologies, and manages customer projects related to search. Aurelien gives C# and Javacard courses at the Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis. He holds an IT engineer degreed from Polytech' Nice-Sophia.