JUG Meeting #78

Giovedì 31 Marzo 2016

OOP and FP: become a better programmer

L'incontro si è tenuto Giovedì 31 Marzo 2016 presso Talent Garden (mappa) in Via Merano 16 - Milano .

Le slide dell'intervento sono disponibili su http://www.slideshare.net/mariofusco/oop-and-fp-become-a-better-programmer.
I sorgenti sono disponibili su https://github.com/sbordet/vending-machine.
La registrazione dell'intervento è su https://youtu.be/pUJpVhDyct0.

Abstract dell'intervento:
Hear the story of Simon, an experienced OOP Java developer, exposed to the new lambda features of JDK 8. His friends Mario, a long-bearded FP geek, and Luca will try to convince him that FP can help him develop more readable and maintainable code. A journey into the discovery of the main new feature - lambda expressions - of JDK 8.

The slides of the talk will be used as a starting point for an open discussion among the participants.

A cura di Simone Bordet, Mario Fusco e Luca Molteni:
  • Simone Bordet is a Jetty Committer, CometD project leader and works as Lead Architect at Webtide, now part of Intalio. Active open source developer, he founded and contributed to various open source projects such as Jetty, CometD, MX4J, Foxtrot, LiveTribe, and others. Simone has been technical speaker at various national and international conferences such as Devoxx, JavaOne, CodeMotion, etc., and is a co-lead of the Java User Group of Torino, Italy. Simone specializes in server-side multi-thread development, J2EE application development, in Comet technologies applied to web development, web network protocols and in high performance JVM tuning
  • Mario Fusco is a senior software engineer at Red Hat working at the development of the core of Drools, the JBoss rule engine. He has a huge experience as Java developer having been involved in (and often leading) many enterprise level projects in several industries ranging from media companies to the financial sector. Among his interests there are also functional programming and Domain Specific Languages. He is also the co-author of "Java 8 in Action" published by Manning.
  • Luca Molteni è appassionato di informatica sin dalla tenera età e inizia a lavorare come programmatore nel 2007 dopo una laurea in Informatica Musicale. Esplora diversi framework e linguaggi di programmazione, da Java ad Haskell passando per ASP.NET e Java EE, favorendo però il paradigma funzionale.