JUG Milano Meeting #82

Lunedì 29 Agosto 2016

Polyglot on the JVM with Graal

L'incontro si è tenuto Lunedì 29 Agosto 2016 presso lo Spazio Venini42 (mappa) in Via Venini 42 grazie all'ospitalità di LinkMe e Mikamai .

Abstract dell'intervento:
Graal is a just-in-time compiler for the Java Virtual Machine that can run on Java 9 using JVMCI, the new Java-based compiler interface. Graal also includes support for the Truffle polyglot framework providing peak performance for dynamic languages. Major dynamic language runtimes built on top of this framework include JavaScript, Ruby, and R. Additionally, it integrates LLVM-based languages such as C, C++, Go, and Rust into the JVM ecosystem via the Sulong project. This talk gives an overview of the new capabilities Graal enables for seamless language interoperability while at the same time providing world class performance for each individual language.

A cura di Thomas Wuerthinger:
Thomas Wuerthinger is a Research Director at Oracle Labs leading programming language implementation teams for languages including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and R. He is the architect of the Graal compiler and the Truffle self-optimizing runtime system. Previously, he worked on the Crankshaft optimizing compiler of V8 at Google, and the Maxine research virtual machine at Sun Microsystems. He received a PhD degree from JKU Linz for his research about dynamic code evolution.