JUG Milano Meeting #85

Mercoledì 16 Novembre 2016

Search on the fly - how to lighten your Big Data

L'incontro si è tenuto Mercoledì 16 Novembre 2016 presso lo Spazio Venini42 (mappa) in Via Venini 42 grazie all'ospitalità di LinkMe e Mikamai .

Abstract dell'intervento:
The talk presents a new technique of realtime single entity information extraction and investigation. The technique eliminates regular refresh and persistence of data within the search engine (ETL), providing real-time access to source data and improving response times using in-memory data techniques. The solution presented is a concrete solution with live customers, based upon real business needs. I will explain the architectural overview, the technology stack used based on Apache Lucene library, the accomplished results and how to scale out the solution.

A cura di Simona Russo e Auro Rolle:
  • Simona Russo graduated in Computer Science with honors at the Statale University in Milan, she has more than 20 years of experience in major Italian software houses where she participated, as lead developer and software development manager, to the development of leading proprietary software products in the fields of logistics, finance, payroll and search engine.
  • Auro Rolle - As Performance Architect I design, deliver, and optimize high-performing systems. I contribute to all aspects of the delivery lifecycle in performance prototyping, capacity modeling, performance driven design, profiling, performance testing, availability management, and troubleshooting. A Performance Architect provides architecture and application design and development guidance that ensures scalability and minimizes performance issues.